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Remodii makes it simple to get work done.

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Remodii makes it simple to get work done.

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Remodii makes it simple to get work done.

"Kevin was great and communicated well. The carpenters were professional and got more done than we had anticipated. We will definitely be calling them again for future work and highly recommend using them for any jobs."

“Remodii has figured out one of the biggest issues in transactions. The Remodii app makes it easy for me to answer questions of my clients, and recommend Trusted Expert.”

Justin Burke – Broker / Agent

Quick Quote technology to streamline home improvements. 

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Brokers and Agents

Several things could delay closing, both within and beyond your control. From loans falling through to surprises at the final walkthrough, buyers, and sellers should be aware of potential problems.

Using Remodii to expedite the work needing to be completed will speed the home to market and ensure a closing that all can celebrate!

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